NTG has developed an online health and safety management solution, which is embedded with sensors to monitor food temperature in real time. It comes with fully customizable modules that reduces operational cost and increases efficiency. Automated temperature monitoring also results in optimal utilization of resources.


  • Monitor and record temperatures
  • Automatic alerts to detect changes in temperature or system failures
  • Perform core temperature food checks
  • Covers critical control point checks
  • Audit management and tracking
  • Secure documentation
  • Keep all of your checklists and incident reports safe

Our Solution Stack

  • Flume for integrating data from multiple data sources
  • Hive, MapReduce, and Oozie for transformation.
  • IBM BigInsights and Hue for user reporting. 


NTGLGAME™ (NTGLocation based Gamification, Analytics & rich Messaging Engine)

NTGLGAME™ is a platform which can enable rich notifications (text, audio, video) to be sent to users (using smartphones and other wearable devices like Google Glass etc.). NTGLGAME™ platform uses beacon/iBeacon technology to locate users.

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